maandag 16 januari 2017

In mourning // In de rouw

Ja, ik ben in de rouw.
Trump is werkelijk het ergste wat kon gebeuren. Niet alleen voor de US maar voor de hele wereld.
Ik snapte nooit hoe een typ als Hitler aan de macht kon komen en hij niet tegen werd gehouden.  Nu zie ik het gebeuren, met Trump, zijn zonen, zijn ministers en al die ja-knikkers die hem helpen.
Onvoorstelbaar, dat dit kan en dat niemand hem tegenhoudt!
Ja, ik ben in de rouw en ik houd mij hart vast hoe we dit gaan overleven...
Yes, I am in mourning.
Trump is really the worst thing that could've happen. Not only for the US but for the world.
I never understood how a type like Hitler could come to power and why he wasn't stopped. Now I see it happen, with Trump, his sons, his ministers and all those sycophants who help him.
Inconceivable, that this is possible and no one stops him!
Yes, I am in mourning and I'm scared on how we will survive this ...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It is so sad that he will be president and the thought makes me feel ill, literally. I do have hope that the government 'balance of power' will keep him from doing too much damage. I also believe that even those people who voted for him will see who he really is before long. Please know that many many Americans are determined to stand up to the hate and the evil and shower those around us with love and support. Hugs to you!

  2. It surprises me that he became president, but I do not think his election signals the return of a holocaust. That being said, I do think that many people are nervous about his presidency and what changes it might bring. Like Diane, I hope that the checks and balances of the government will assure that the constitution is upheld.