donderdag 17 januari 2013

Can you guess how I feel today???

Een vriendin uit Alabama stuurde me deze foto om te laten zien hoe mensen 
daar reageren als het sneeuwt;
A friend from Alabama send me this picture to show how people react to snow over there;

Ik moest zó lachen.... 
I had to laugh so hard.....

5 opmerkingen:

  1. My oldest daughter has a hairless cat, and apparently I have cold hands, because her cat reacted just the same as the dog in the picture when I petted the top of the cat's head the other day. (Please excuse the run-on sentence.) Anyway, I wish I had a photo of the cat's reaction!

  2. It's true here in Alabama! We still have snow at my house. I didn't get out in it but there were so many accidents. And of course the stores were sold out of milk and bread! It's a "southern" thing :)

  3. I love every picture!! They are too funny!!!
    I am trying to get back in the blog groove. Been having a very rough time.
    Love to you and Henk!
    xo, misha and J