maandag 29 oktober 2012

Zin in bakken // In the mood for baking

 Ik wilde dat we ook kant en klaar koekjesdeeg konden kopen. Dat zou nou nog es een gat in de markt zijn in Nederland!!! Tot die tijd, zelf deeg maken en dit uitproberen.....
 I wished we also could buy ready made cookiedough here. That would be a good idea in the Netherlands!!!  Untill than, making my dough myself and gonna try this.....

Volgend weekend pannekoeken bakken voor Henk en dan zelf dit proberen, Yummy;
Next weekend gonna bake pancakes for Henk and try this myself, Yummy;

 Ook weer met koekjesdeeg te maken; lekkere bakjes en dan vullen met fruit of pudding....
 Another one with cookiedough; yummy bowls and fill them with fruit or custard.....

 Nu nog zo'n potige kerel zoeken en ik ben klaar om te gaan bakken.
Now find me a big guy like this and I'm ready to bake.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. You've posted some great ideas Bianca! I love the cookie dough on the back of the muffin tin idea.

  2. Yummy and the final photo gave me the smiles! What a guy!

  3. I LOVE the pic of the "real man" rolling out dough! I have a good guy who can cook/bake, but he makes such a mess of my kitchen, I really don't encourage it very often! haha!
    Hope you're doing well today.ttfn~~~

  4. more thing, I wanted to tell you, when my kids were young, it always seemed that we needed to take cookies somewhere all the time. I started making mega batches of cookie dough, separating it into equal amounts, about the size of the store rolls, then roll in on wax paper, wrap it up in the wax paper, then freeze them all in a ziplock baggie. Then I could just slice with a sharp knife (defrosting a bit first) then bake the cookies. It make life a bit easier.

  5. Super idee om het beslag aan de verkeerde kant te legen en zo cups te krijgen die je kunt vullen.....

  6. I think I'll do some baking today, too. The cooler season just seems to demand it.

  7. Love the kitty with the apron!
    Everything looks so yummy. You really do need ready made cookie dough!

  8. I cannot get over that ready-made cookie dough is not sold there! Do you have other products in the grocery made by Pillsbury? Maybe if you wrote to Pillsbury, they could ship you an order? Worth a try! And then, just freeze it!
    Now you have me hungry! We had pancakes for dinner the other night. YUMMY! J made them :)
    xo, misha