woensdag 3 oktober 2012

Pelham - Foley

Dinsdag 2 oktober, 20:53 uur US tijd, Woensdag 3 oktober, 03:53 uur NL tijd.
Thuesday 2 october 20.53 pm US time, wednesday 3 october, 3.53 am NL time

Vanmorgen besloten we dat we naar het zuiden zouden rijden. Naar Florida zelfs.... En dat hebben we gedaan; Pensacola ligt in Florida! Alleen zijn de hotels daar best duur en hebben we nu een hotel gevonden tussen Pensacola en Mobile. Morgen willen we dan Pensacola en omgeving bekijken en overmorgen Mobile. Ook willen we een dagje vrij houden voor Janet en haar gezin, die we een dezer dagen hopelijk gaan ontmoeten.
This morning we decided that we would drive south. To Florida even.... And we did; Pensacola is in Florida. The hotelrooms are very expensive there though and now we found a great hotel in between Pensacola and Mobile. Tomorrow we want to explore Pensacola and surroundings and the day after Mobile and surroundings. We also want to leave a day open for Janet and her family, which we hope to meet one of these days.

JA!! Je ziet het goed; die truck haalde ons net in terwijl wij al 124 km per uur reden!!!
Yes!! You're seeing it right; that truck overtook us while were already doing a 70 miles per hour!! ( in the Netherlands trucks are limited at 55 miles anhour!! they just CAN'T go faster!!!) 

Dus, om een uur of half 10 vertrokken we en we waren hier in dit hotel pas om 5 uur! Lange dag dus. Vandaar dat ik me er vandaag een beetje makkelijk van af maak, want ik ben gewoon munt! De dag begon koel en regenachtig en eindigde heerlijk warm en zonnig. Yep, goede beslissing.
So, at about half pas 9 we left Pelham and we were at this hotel at 5 pm! A long day therefore. The reason I'm not bothering to much tonight with writing, because I'm exhausted! The day started rainy and cool and ended lovely warm and sunny. Yep, the right decision.

.... en Henk is het ook zat....  Ohnee, hij demonstreert hier hoe breed ons bed is! Dat is nog eens KING sized!! 
..... and Henk is tired too..... Ohno, he is demontrating how wide our bed is! That's a KING sized!

En morgen, misschien wel voor kerstbomen shoppen??? 
And tomorrow, maybe shopping for x-mas tree???

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  1. Ooooh Florida, I love Florida. Have fun and rest well tonight.

  2. I think you were actually going 77 mph. But I am not surprised that a big rig passed you. On many roads they are to go 55 mph here, too. Guess they don't bother reading the signs. Hope Henk does better. :o)

    Have fun at the beach. Try to visit the battleship the USS Alabama while you are in Mobile. You can take a tour.

  3. I think Heather's right about your speed; your GPS is probably set for kilometers/hour. While speeding is a regular occurance in the US, going in excess of 100 mph is not so common. That would pack a hefty fine!

    Have a great time in Florida! My daughter wants to go there sometime to see the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios!

  4. Hoi kinders.Wat een stille wegen,het lijkt wel of jullie amerika voor je zelf hebben.En ligt er al sneeuw.En ook al kerst spullen, mooi op tijd.Eten en slapen jullie goed.Pas goed op je zelf rij veilg en veel plezier.Liefs Pa en Ma.

  5. Love all the pictures and I feel like I am riding with you! Florida hotels are expensive.
    If you had been going over 100 you would have gotten a ticket for going that fast!
    I still can't believe you were in Pelham and Anniston so close to me!
    I received a sweet package today!! ;) Please email me with your remaining travel plans.

  6. Hey there Sis and BIL!
    Florida... wow. Looks great again!
    Looks great, that white sand.
    Love those pics of the both of you.

    Take your rest after those long rides (shouldn't be hard in a bed in which you can ly across :P )and enjoy the area.