vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

A day with friends near Sweetwater TN

Donderdag 18 okt. 2012, 09:00 uur US tijd, Vrijdag 19 okt. 2012, 03:00 uur NL tijd
Thursday oct. 18 2012, 9.00 pm US time, Friday oct. 19 2012, 3.00 am Dutch time

Wat een fijne dag was het vandaag. Vermoeiend, maar fijn. Ik hou het vandaag kort, want ik wil heel graag gewoon in bed liggen en tv kijken.
Ik deel natuurlijk wat mooie foto's en laat jullie zien wie Misha en haar J. nu zijn. De hele middag met hen doorgebracht, ze hebben ons mooie dingen laten zien in het Cherokee National Forest en we hebben heel veel gepraat. Dit was nu echt zo'n moment dat ik wilde dat ik dichterbij woonde en Misha vaker kon ontmoeten. Maarja, dat is nu éénmaal niet zo, maar ik kan wel genieten van onze fijne middag samen en me haar voor me zien wanneer we online contact hebben.
What a great day was today. Tireing, but great. I'll keep it short today, because all I want now is to lay down and do nothing but watch tv.
Of course I will share some beautiful pictures and show you who Misha and her J. really are. We spend the whole afternoon with them, they showed us gorgeous spots in the Cherokee National Forest and we talked, a lot. This really is a time I wished I lived closer to Misha and meet her more often. But, I'm not, so I just will cherish this afternoon together and see her face in my head when we have our online conversations. 
Lovely couple. 

Ja, een heerlijke dag. ** in 't engels ga ik ze ook even bedanken, dus als je denkt 'wat is dat engelse stuk langer' dat kan dus wel kloppen**  En kijk eens wat ik van hun gekregen heb;
Yes, it was a wonderful day. ** Dear Misha and J., thanks you both so much for this day together. Now I can see you in my mind when we email. I really wished I would live closer, so we could meet more often. Please remember our offer; you are always welcome to visit the Netherlands and stay with us. You'll just have to bring all your dogs and cats with you! Or; I'm sure my sister would be more than willing to take care of them while you visit.....  Thank you for your lovely gifts, I will cherish them for ever. Enjoy the chocolats and "stroopwafels". 'Till next time.  xxx **


Dit prachtige glazen paard was een cadeautje voor ons. En dat kattekind is een broche (ze zijn dus niet even groot, alleen de foto's zijn dat) Zijn ze niet geweldig?!
This gorgeous glass horse was a gift for us. And that kittie is a broche (not the same size ofcourse, just the pictures). Aren't they lovely?! 

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  1. I loved seeing you and your husband with Misha and J. You look like you all were old friends together . . . Beautiful gals and handsome guys!

  2. I am jealous! Looks like you had a wonderful time with gorgeous scenery. I love all the pics!

  3. What a great day! The leaves are beautiful, and how wonderful to be able to meet online friends!

  4. Oh my, what gorgeous scenery again. That waterfall and the lake... breathtaking again. And I love that type of bridge, so cute!

    What a nice couple Micha and her husband are and how great you all had such a good time together. Must be good to visit with someone you have so much in common with.

    I'm happy to babysit your furry kids Mischa, if only I would be able to pay for the ticket. I know bringing pets is an expensive ordeal but if you prefer doing that, the dogs can stay at my place, I have dogs of my own and am used to having more than one. I have one cat too but I don't think one of my dogs would accept strange cats. He grew up with my Noa but other cats are fun to chase. But I'm sure we could work something out if needed.

  5. How lovely to spend the day with Misha and j! You all looked like you had so much fun together. Beautiful gifts from Misha as well. I hope they will have the chance to visit you one day!

  6. Nothing better than meeting with bloggers.

  7. LOVELY photos!

    I sent you an email about my sister at the quilt show in Atlanta (Gwinnett Center). Hope you get to meet her. You will have a great time together.