donderdag 19 juli 2012

"If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much"

Our Queen-to-be Maxima and the current Queen Beatrix
Zoals wel duidelijk is voor de meeste regelmatige lezer van dit blog, hou ik erg van Amerika. Het land, de natuur, de mensen, (Pizza Hut!!), alles!  Maar speciaal voor die amerikaanse vrienden laat ik nu eens zien hoe ik Nederland zie en waardeer. Plat, groen en qua klimaat niet waar ik van hou, maar ik zou nergens anders willen wonen. Ergens anders overwinteren, ja, maar voor altijd wonen, nee.
It's very clear for regular readers of this blog that I realy love America. The country, the nature, the people, (Pizza Hut!!), everything! But especially for my american friends I want to show how here how I see and appreciate the Netherlands.  Flat, greaan and a climate I don't really like, but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Stay somewhere warmer for the winter, yes, but live forever, no.
Palace "Het Loo", 3 miles from our home, where my father-in-law worked and we took our wedding pictures.
Picture of deer on the 'Veluwe', one of very few nature parks in the Nethelands. We live on the border of this park.
Dutch Summer

Giethoorn, one of my favorite places

A street near here yesterday after a thunderstorm
Beautiful sky before the storm
A Spyker, the only Dutch car brand.

En er is nog zoveel moois om te zien en te ontdekken hier in dit kleine landje, dat ik me soms wel eens schaam nooit hier op verkenning te gaan zoals we zo graag in Amerika doen. Misschien omdat dat "altijd nog es kan" wanneer we niet meer naar Amerika kunnen (door de economie of door mijn gezondheid). Ik weet het echt niet..... Ik weet wél dat Nederland is ook mooi, in zijn eigen manier And there is even more beautiful things to see and discover here in this small country that sometimes I feel ashamed that we never go to explore like we love to do when in America. Maybe because it's always available and we can always do that sometime when we wound be able to go to America any more (due to the economy or my health-issues). I really don't know.I DO know that the Netherlands are beautiful too, in it's own way.

DAF, the only Dutch truck brand. This is my hubby's truck!
Bredevoort, my ultimate favorite little town, with the most bookstores in one town in the Netherlands!!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! The Netherlands is wonderful. My Mom was born Bakel. She moved here to Canada when she turned 5 years old with her family right after the war. I had the pleasure of visiting the Netherlands about 21 years ago and have always wanted to go back. Maybe some day! Thanks for sharing the photos...I had visited a few of those places!

  2. What a beautiful country; thanks for sharing. I think it is human nature to feel like one needs to go someplace else to explore/vacation. We're trying to do better about seeing the local sites, but I do love to travel also.

    I haven't been to the Netherlands, but maybe I'll need to add it to my dream list.

  3. These pictures make me want to overcome my fear of flying:)